Death to Indica and Sativa Labeling

The first thing any cannabis consumer learns is the distinction between Indica and Sativa. So the following may be common knowledge, but we’re going to give you a brief rundown.

The Differences Between Indica and Sativa:

  • Indica strains are known for providing deep relaxation, they are short and bushy plants, and have wide leaves.

  • Conversely, Sativa strains are said to be energizing, they are tall plants, and have narrow leaves.

...But here’s the thing, cannabis strains aren’t so easy to categorize.

During an interview with weedmaps, CEO of Wana Brands, Nancy Whiteman, said, “Indica and sativa are phenomes. They describe what the plant looks like and how they grow. There's no universal agreement on which strains fall into which class.”

Like Whiteman said, strain classifications can vary between dispensaries, and as testing becomes increasingly rigid, the broad terms of Indica and Sativa will fade away. Instead, strains will be identified by terpenes, cannabinoids, and their specific influences.

So with this in mind, what do you think is the best way to classify cannabis?

Shelby CookComment